A Twin’s wedding ring

I had to rent a car in Ohio.  It turns out the suburbs of Ohio don’t have great public transportation.  It turns out the cheapest car they had was a Chevy Spark.   The last time I was in Hannah’s blue Chevy Spark, I was driving.  I was driving to her

Excerpt: Bradbury’s Noseless Angel

 I told Chad under the noseless angel that I had talked to them.  I sat rigidly on the stone railing while he sat across from me on the ground.  I had every intention to say, I can’t do this.  My parents are not okay with it.   I told him, I

Fairyland and Sex

  Another Excerpt from the Forthcoming Artichoke Hearts: Chad invited me to the Fairyland sign to be with the smokers and tokers. It was 4/20.  I don’t remember how I got there. I just remember sitting there on the grass next to him.  I tore the grass from the earth compulsively


I was a quiet kid.  I wish I could say my inner life was filled with fantasies of different worlds and realities but I was always stuck here in this world.  I was always a practical kid.  Maybe it’s more that I was a fearful kid.  I could feel in


In Suphan Buri a komodo dragon lived in the sludge of the median on the main highway.  It was a big fat median with its own ecosystem of foliage and animals, including this komodo dragon and the people who ran on the sidewalk outlining the ecosystem.  So the humans weren’t

We are Closed Due to a Shortage in Staff

Dezzie and Merlyn are two French bulldogs that have gone missing in my area in the past month.  Dezzie was stolen at gunpoint.  It says so on the desperate pieces of paper in plastic paper protectors stapled to all the light posts in the area.  The desperate papers do not

Witching Hour

3am is the witching hour.  A friend told me this once and then I Googled it.  Quora has a thread debating whether 3am-4am is the witching hour.  Some people try to explain why it is the witching hour.   “3am is when the veil between this world and the spirit

A Spanish Style Home

 My grandpa was an artist when he was alive.  He had artist friends.  Their friendship is documented in the pictures and paintings scattered around his home where my grandma still lives.  I found out over the holidays that my grandpa died when I was 18.  My cousin reminded me.  I

A Painted Chair

I sat in the chair I painted when I first moved into my first studio apartment.  It was painted bright colors and faced the window in my kitchen where I could see people lining up for the coffee shop downstairs.  It was from this chair that I watched a woman

Anonymity is a Privilege

The guy I recently broke up with texted me this evening.  It seems I was a bit too vague in my breaking up.  He asked if I had anything more to say.  I asked him if he had anything more to say.  I told him he could initiate conversations as

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