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Love Affairs

Me: “Edward!  My darling!  How are you?”

Edward: ————

Me: “You’re doing well you say?”


Me:  “Edward I love you and your side-ways ears!  Don’t ever change.”

Edward turns to look at me but still says nothing.  He has a regal pose, like the Salukis that accompany the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.  He is thin but not starving, with an average coat. His ears sit lower on his head than the average dog. He is not anywhere near perfection, but his eyes are kind as he looks at me.  I forgive him for his silence and continue on my run.

I turn my head to the right to appreciate the most magical part of the day in Suphan.  The water reflects the reds and yellows and purples creating a feeling that the sky is above and below, a sense of floating. The sun is an enormous deep orange ball sinking on the horizon, only adding support to the airborne effect.  I smile as I watch the last sliver descend out of site.

Yes I have love affairs with the stray dogs here. Conversations are held on a regular basis. I find that they are quiet souls but it doesn’t bother me. I will express my love for them even if they do not respond.  Isn’t that what true love is all about?







Hot Richard


Edward is not depicted above.  I fear ruined portrayals similar to those characters destroyed from  books after seeing the movies.

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