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The bathroom is huge and spacious with yellow walls that were faded.  There is a line of mirrors at the front of the open room, with scantily dressed women and  lady boys lined up, fighting for the ability to see their faces and hair and outfits and to do their makeup.  As I watch one lady draw her lipstick over her lips perfectly, despite this chaos, as though she has done it at least one hundred times before in that day, I think of a friend of mine.

She is in front of the mirror in our tiny bathroom with a floor so dirty you wouldn’t know what color it’s supposed to be, with a tube nearing her lips.  It is an orangey red color.  She does it with a sense of grace and ease.  She feels my eyes on her leaning in the doorway,  as I sip on my beer, so she hands me a tube and tells me to join her.  This is not an orangey red, but a deep red red.  With the Blue Moon set down on the back of the toilet,  I trace it over my lips feeling self conscious the entire time.  I think to myself how will I ever be able to match her beauty and grace? She looks at me with those striking deep brown eyes and simply says “beautiful.” That is all I need to regain my confidence.  The lipstick does not look natural on me with my hair tied up into a messy bun and wearing a fleece and faded jeans, but on her it looks like it belongs.  Those lips are meant to stand out.  That woman is meant to change the world.

I feel fingers interlacing with mine and for a second I am tricked and examine with my fingers the hand looking for her oval turquoise ring that she always wears on her pointer finger.

As I fail my search reality hits as my friends begin laughing.  We are lounging on the couch in the corner, simply observing the environment around us. I have always wondered why some places provide couches in the women’s restroom.  Tonight the mystery was solved as we sit there for at least an hour with very little communication outside of eye contact and giggling. We are intrigued by the ladies in front of the mirrors.  We are amused by the situation we have found ourselves in. We all look at each other wondering how we have made such a pleasurable time out of a simple bathroom.


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