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He said “Life is beautiful”

He is 14 years old.

How does he know this already?

My heart skips a beat.

All I can do is hold my breath in anticipation of the next lesson he will teach me.

He is not afraid of eye contact, it comes naturally to him.

His only indication that he holds some anxiety is a slight quiver in the paper he holds in his left hand.

He speaks with a wisdom and grace that not even I, at 22, am capable of.  His speech lasts 3 minutes, maybe four.  As he says these final words, “Life is Beautiful” I get jolts of sensation as though I am listening to a fragrant song, or an elegant speech from an important man.

His speech is simple, but emotional.  You can feel every word that flows from his mouth.

Music, guitar, and inspiration

I wonder how he can make me feel so much texture in these three modest topics.

I walk to the front of the room after he makes his way back to his seat.  I stand there for a moment waiting for some words of critique or commentary to come to my lips.  I need to say something.  All I could say was, “Flawless.”  I know this embarrasses him as he slumps down in his seat trying to hide from the envious eyes of the students.  I simply move forward because I know if I say anything more it will only be more praise, just embarrassing him further.

I am sitting at my desk.  I find myself hoping and wishing that this boy’s dreams and aspirations are beautiful

and vibrant

and outrageous.


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