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I’m sitting on my yellow floral couch in the living room of my college house.  There is a blue lantern floating from the ceiling making everything in the room turn to a tint of sky.  I feel as though I am gasping for air as I look around the room. The color has turned to a tint of sea.  There are people crowded on every surface meant for sitting. The friends in this room are beautiful.  They are still mine for the next two days.  Their passions, and beauty, and quarks, and intelligences have two more days to affect me in ways that I will not be aware of until lifetimes later.  I try to push the thought of leaving away from consciousness.

I love to hard.

The blue on the crabs, piled onto a bed of ice, is that of a gray nature.  My senses are alive this afternoon as I walk under the intense rays of the sun through the carts of food.  The smells are overpowering, seeping into every pore of my skin.  The colors of the lights, and the chairs, and the foods, and the clothes, and the signs are huge and vibrant and animated.

There was no tuba.  There was a life size manikin of Darth Vader and a lamp over our heads that covered the entire ceiling.  There was a dark wood table that was massive. It looked as though it was meant for kings and queens.  And that’s where we sat.  I could not help but smile at this table.  It could have been my red wig or the pint of beer that Ben introduced to me, but that smile was glued there all night.  I looked at my wigged cohorts.  My breath seemed to disappear once again.  I have become an expert of pushing goodbyes out of my realization.

I leaned over and asked “Where are we right now?”  Her smile grew to cover her entire face.  Her answer, “Thailand.”


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