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“What if this was your first day in Thailand?”


Screaming and laughing and dancing and water and amusement and time and friends and suds and love and pick up trucks and excitement and plaster and kindness and ambition and creativity and moments of appreciation and life and robust and dreams and passion and warmth and rain drops and messy but perfect and beautiful people and culture and original ideas and music and insanity and color and emotions and adventure and optimism and resilience

There was a moment yesterday.

The streets were packed.  Pick up trucks and mopeds crammed onto a highway that had turned into a cluster of Suphan Buri.

Adults not only acting but becoming children once again.

The dancing was composed of movements foreign to me.  I had no idea how they moved their body in the bent awkward twists and turns.  It was painful  but mesmerizing.

I tried hard not to blink.

There was so much to experience.  So much to remember.

The expressions of those who are punched in the face by your water.  Shock, anger, joy, sadness, excitement, revenge.

Speaking is unnecessary.  Communication is done through the eyes.

Faces covered in plaster and water flying from the sky.  You could not distinguish the water from God and that of Suphan Buri.  It had become one in the same.

The taste of plaster is bitter.  It takes away your saliva, leaving a mouth asking for water for moisture.  It burns the eyes and produces the blinks that have not been taken. Stealing seconds you will never get back again.  As it hardens on the face, it becomes a second skin, forgotten, part of you.

The music comes from so many directions it confuses your ears. It causes the heart to race.  It jostles your body, forcing it to understand the existence of ambition.

You’re surrounded.  Thailand has taken you captive, relentlessly.



Create your place in their world. In your world.  In the world.

Share the chaos.


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  1. Beautiful. I just went to Thailand for Songkran and your post allowed me to relive the joy I had there. Your post is an inspiration for me to think about recollecting my experience there in a post. Thanks!

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