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The boy who drank the universe

He imagined the universe spilling from his pores.  Entire constellations coming from nostrils with every exhale.  Multiple galaxies escaping his mouth with every word he spoke. Brandon watched the world through that coffee shop window.  His job was observation.  While writing was a skill recently discovered, he had always thought of idiosyncrasies as beauty. He drank black coffee out of a unique mug every day.  Qloe, the owner,  made them herself.  In her college years she took a ceramics course, finding the hobby that would take her mind off of the, all too mundane, life she led.  He especially liked the ceramic genius sitting next to his laptop today.  It was a deep purple with splashes of black and lighter blues.  There were random white specks on it that Qloe claimed to be mistakes from the firing process.  Brandon liked the quarks.  He felt as though he was drinking the universe out of that mug, creating a confidence in the young writer that was not common.

“You need a refill?” Qloe yelled at Brandon from behind the counter.  She didn’t make this a habit, but it was that time of the day that liberties were taken without hesitation.

Brandon didn’t hear Qloe with some Rock band blasting in his ears.  His father always told him he came off as incredibly rude when he did this in a public place.  He was still staring out the window.  The city back drop could have been any city in the world.  There were tall buildings with many cars that were more similar to blurred hallucinations as Brandon watched them speed by.  The people walking past his microscope had their own style.  Each having a certain piece of clothing, or accessory, whether it be a leather jacket with a unique detail, or a distinct haircut, helping them stand out. Unique seemed to be the obsession of the generation. Qloe’s  choice were her earrings, however Brandon didn’t feel she needed anything to stand out.  Her humble beauty was unlike anything, from art to landscapes, he had ever seen before.  His own choice was a watch he had found at a market in a small town outside of the city.  The people there were genuine and the obsession of unique seemed to be contained within the city, because he did not see anyone trying to be distinct, they simply were.  He passed booths that were selling anything from shower curtains a woman made herself, to grilled cheeses that were supposed to be the best in the country.  That was the original reason for Brandon’s visit.  On his way to “Grilled Heaven” a watch, that had a brown leather strap and a face that was bright orange, screamed his name. It hasn’t left his wrist since.  He too had found originality important and thought this accessory would do the trick.

He felt eyes coming from behind him.  He turned his head, and there was the slim body of Qloe standing dangerously close to him.  She was wearing her usual outfit: loose jeans cuffed at the bottom, and a snug white tee shirt with some black Keds.  Her bright orange and turquoise earrings framed the soft features of her face perfectly.  With her a-line haircut  contrasting in a way that was so intriguing it was uncomfortable for Brandon.  He felt the confidence that began with his sip of the universe grow when he realized his watch matched Qloe’s earrings.  He straightened his posture slightly and gave her the best smile he could muster after a long day of getting lost in his own thoughts.

“Who’s Aubrey?”  She asked looking over his shoulder.

The only word he had achieved that day was a name.  Aubrey.

He anticipated this question with dread.  Brandon had had an honest life.  He was so honest it was irritating sometimes.  Fiction felt unnatural to him.  He had also decided to write about something that he felt inexperienced with- satisfaction

He took another sip of the universe and his dread turned into excitement.  “I don’t know.”  He answered with the slightest hint of a smile on his face.  “I’m just meeting her as well.”


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