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The Restless Water

I look out the window trying to distract myself from the drips of sweat on my face and back. The fans on the hot aluminum bus are working hard, but the temperature seems to be strong today. The green is crisp and bright and alive. The earth is content. The long, elegant, pure forms of egrets spot the flat ground, lush with life. The grass that covers the land looks fragile when inspected one blade at a time. However, it thrives in weather that many people believe to be unbearable. Every time I see these green expanses, I am reminded of the beauty that is moments away from the sweat drenched, concrete city I call my home.

I take my gaze to the lane next to mine. A man on a motorbike is being overtaken. He is a round man with round rimmed glasses, his upper lip covered by a thin, dark mustache. His clothing is that of a western style, wearing a blazer with a t-shirt underneath, despite the heat he rides in. His feet are not as fashion forward as the rest of his being. He wears a pair of flip flops and socks, creating toes that give a webbed illusion. On his back he has a guitar case being worn like a back pack. He looks straight ahead not noticing the egrets or the young American woman staring from the bus window.

The trees consumed us. Their arched and twisted and inter-tangled and exposed beings had aged gracefully with the traits of time only making them more intriguing. Lizards rustled in the bushes and butterflies flew amongst the tourists as though they were challenging us. The insect’s beauty easily beat ours with the vibrant colors in different shapes on their delicate, fluid wings. The intermittent pools of water, that did not sit still, but were restless with the pouring of the waters from above, reflected light onto the tree tops creating a restlessness that was contagious. The rocks within the pools had a smooth texture enjoyed by many different kinds of moss and feet from all over the world. The fish enjoyed the feet of the foreigners as they nibbled the dead skin, tickling the bottoms of souls. The colors surrounding me were deep, and strong, and energetic.

Every direction I turned there was some man or woman mustering as much confidence as they could as they walked in their brightly colored bathing suits. I saw bodies of all different shapes and sizes and colors. Many women attempting to look sexy and effortless in the same moment. Many men standing as straight as they could as they let their bare chests out in the daylight.

Nature is no longer where we belong.

Somehow our altered, modernized, bothered bodies did not blend into the lively, untouched world around us.


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