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One raindrop turns to many more on the roof top as I watch those who are not afraid of the sheerness of wet clothing and the vulnerability of the crazy, spazzy movements of dancing. I desperately want to be out there with them but something is holding me back. My quiet nature doesn’t get the best of me very often. Tonight was one of those nights that I became a flower on the wall dressed in vibrant colors and bursting with energy but unable to create a presence. The wall I find myself on is splattered in glow in the dark paint and created from a dilapidated kind of wood. I watch with an ease. This is where I am comfortable.

They place me at the end of the two attached tables as though they know that a peripheral daisy or daffodil or rose or any flower is my genetic makeup. I take it appreciating my luck. From where I am sitting I can see every person in the diverse group of rugged travelers I have become lucky enough to meet. As I observe I become amazed at the talent that surrounds me. The talent of communication and love and friendship, and openness, and fearlessness. Those who have the ability to create music let their passions flow through their fingers and mouths as they allow nature to consume them and produce a sound that is tantalizing. There are two specifically who lead with their melodic voices and natural rhythm. The rest of us follow along. Their passions are vulnerable as well as themselves and they do not hesitate for second. That is where they are comfortable.

The moments when humans are completely vulnerable, and wild, and gentle, and sharing, and daring, and selfishly taking every second of life to keep for themselves are the most beautiful moments of all.

The weather has felt the intensity of our spirits. The sky is dark but the lights of the sky are covered by the ominous clouds of a looming storm. I watch the sky light up with every strum of the guitar and beat of the hand and word sung. With the flashes come images of the horizon. The ocean is black and the islands surrounding us are dark shadows floating, awaiting the time they will be reunited with each other.

People, passions, music, love, adventure, intensity, sincerity, creativity, racing hearts, communication, small moments, miniature caresses, huge sensations.

Thunder fills the air reminding us how loud life should be.

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