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Two ladies and an overly opinionated gentleman

It’s a city of Gray skies and young idealism.  The air is brisk and light.

They sit in her old house.  A couple of boxes are scattered on the freshly cleaned dirty floors.  She is moving.  The house is empty, but feels lived in still.  It’s in the middle of a transformation matching the souls that are drinking beers on the cleaned dirty floors of the living room.  The two girls know each other well.  They have called it a romance.  Yes they date others and even love others but theirs is a friendship outside of that.  It is one that they must be unapologetic about. Every moment feels exquisite.  They make the city that they’re in feel more magical.  Anything could happen while they were together for those four illustrious days.


One ignored school and the other ignored her lack of plans.   They understood that these days were important.  They were not guaranteed time together as lovers or siblings are.  There was no word for their relationship. It was one not known by many, but sought by everyone.  But, somehow, they could not allow themselves to change their paths for each other. Because they both were proud of being independent. Because admiration overwhelmed them as they saw what the other was doing. They were both dreaming big and reaching far, and they couldn’t imagine asking the other to change direction.


And so they sat with a new friend who turned out to be less interesting than anticipated.  He was stubborn in his opinion, but enjoyed talking more than listening.  He was from Minneapolis.  He was nice enough.  They would never see him after that night that turned into the morning.  They watched from the window as the dark sky let light out of its curtain.  Another day would begin.  Another day would end.


The opinionated man had an opinion about them. I watched from the door frame as the three of them spoke.  He was impressed not by their belief in the friendship, but more by his faith in it.  Of course they believed in it.  After watching them, he glorified it. It was a rarity that he trusted in love, but he had confidence in theirs. They smoked their cigarettes allowing the smoke to escape their lips and dance into the sky that was transforming from the dark to the light.  From black to pinks and light blues. The birds chirped in the early morning air.  The opinionated man was excited about life. About the prospect of new friendships and loves.  The two girls were exhausted and didn’t understand why he was enthralled by their friendship.  It was what they knew.


Today was their last day together.  They would cry and life would feel hard for a while.  Eventually they would look at the days as a memory, rather than something they craved.  There would be husbands and children and careers and distance and dreams.  None of that seemed to matter, and as the opinionated man could plainly see, they would always have that enraptured bond unable to break. She would go back to a warmer city making gorgeous cappuccinos,  awaiting her phone call saying “yes, we want you.”  And she would go back to changing the lives of middle schoolers.  They made vague plans to see each other again, positive it would happen, unsure of when.



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