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With every new beginning comes an end

She wrote a to do list in her journal. It was a wooden journal with an orange binding given to her by her aunt during a simpler time in her life. Before she went away to many different places and came back again. It’s funny how a place changes when you’re away from it for a while.

She always added tasks that were easy to put checks next to. “Go for a run” “Call Samuel” “Create a To Do List”

Near the end of the list, three from the bottom, “Write the beginning of your story” was written in slightly messy scroll. This was there. IT had to be done.


She watched the page with the blinking cursor. She wrote. It was easier for her to write about somebody else. “I“ became “she.” And so the story began.


She sat next to him. Her feelings for him were exaggerated by the fact that these were the last few days they would work together. She had a tendency to focus on the relationships that never became real, as she was getting ready to leave a place. He was one of many that would never know how she felt. Youthful and free he had holes in his vans and pants that were rolled up to his calves. They sat looking straight ahead, only making eye contact when they had to. They had the same boyish haircut. He thought she looked like Peter Pan and she just thought he looked adorable.


Tomorrow would be their last shift together. They may exchange email or phone numbers, but she knew it would fade into nothing, as new people came into her life. He had done his job and she was grateful for that.


Her new journey begins soon, as this chapter ends. And so the beginning of her story is really more similar to saying goodbye.  Goodbye to comfort and boredom. Goodbye to her parents. Goodbye to her quaint little town next to the sea.  


She was no longer sitting next to the youthful, free boy. She no longer had a distraction. Instead her mind raced with anxiety and excitement. She had told many people about her new job and their response was

“Think of all the crazy, quirky, adventurous, opinionated, interesting people you will meet from all over the world!” Each person added their own adjective. That’s exactly what she did. She was excited to move and learn and love all over again.


And so she waited patiently as time passed. Weeks will soon become days. Days to hours. Hours to moments. Those moments will become the present rather than the future. They will become important, fascinating, creative, frustrating, envigorating moments, that she plans to share.


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