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A life of Vignettes

She drove miles. Miles looking for something. Looking for answers. Looking for an idea a direction a love. What she found was patience.

The cold air nibbled her skin. She wore shorts and a tank top anticipating the heat of the day. The day hadn’t caught up with her outfit and so she was reminded she was alive. There were a few leaves changing colors already. They signified the end of summer. Of this chapter. She wondered when the chapters in her life would get longer. More extensive. But for now the exciting vignettes are what she craved. At some point she figured it would become more similar to a novel.

When I say “it” I mean her life. I’ve watched as she’s gone from short story to short story. Scattered. Enigmatic. She’s never felt fluidity.

At some point she will be able to focus on more than that instant. But for now she soaked it in. The leaves in the trees allowed the rays of the sun to hit her kissed skin as they fluttered in the breeze. She froze. She closed her eyes. She faced the sky. She was in love with that feeling. That feeling of accomplishment. Of satisfaction. Of confidence. It didn’t occur often, but when it did, she felt as though she could fly.

Her eyes opened and the green trees with their hint of fall contrasted with the dark coat of the black bear that was watching her from a short distance. She made eye contact. For a second it was beautiful. He was indifferent. Unafraid. Almost mythical. They stood and watched each other. The bear continued into the fall splattered trees and she continued toward her van where she had spent most of her days within this short, hot chapter.

She knew him well, even if she still got grease stains on her knee caps while hitching the trailer, and loved him for being her home and companion despite the couple feet he lacked in the back seat.   He had become her ability to see. She pressed on his gas pedal and he took her places she never thought she would be. He allowed her freedom but not without responsibility.

This would be their last ride together. She would go to her coffee shop and then come back again to where the bears scatter the ideas of those who see them. She would give her gold key to the person who will take him away. He will become somebody else’s home. Somebody else’s freedom.

She will fly back to her sea side town where her mother, whom she has befriended, will greet her, and her father will envelope her with a hug. She will search for her next chaotic vignette, waiting to be found.


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