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Kissing Behind Top hats is Romantic

I walked towards them. There was a moment of hesitation, but the twirling lack of inhibitions took over.

“You guys are wonderful.”

They are warm and welcoming. She touches my arm as she listens to my stream of consciousness conversation filled with compliments. The touch gives me goose pimples as it lingers longer than I expected. Her hair was big, her body was petite, her face was unbelievably kind. Gentle. Graceful. He was taller than her and thin and pale, contrasting her skin tone. Handsome, with dark long hair pulled into a bun in the center of his perfectly shaped head. His eyes were generous. They had danced freely and comfortably inside. There was no need for limbs to be entangled, or bodies to be too close. They were confident in moments with these attributes to come. Now was time for them to be wild and free. As he took his rubber band out and flung his head back in forth, she danced with her arms up and her body wriggling with good rhythm. They took advantage of this precious time when the only people they had to impress was each other, and they had already done that. They were hanging on to every bit of one another as long as they could. They had that silent agreement knowing the other’s quiet but intense affection for the other.

“You guys made me want to dance. You are lovely humans, and I just felt the need to let you know this.”

I was shocked by the ease of the words. Lovely humans. No stumbling or slurring. I was in between. The perfect spot when life feels hopeful.


They replied, almost in unison. As her touch flees, I turn around and re-associate with the almost strangers I had found myself out with that night.

There was another kind of love I saw on this random evening. Theirs was one that was less patient.

I sat on a booth near a low chic table in a dimly lit bar that thought too highly of itself. I watched them. Intrigued. They contrasted with the other people. He had a style that did not include gelled hair and waistcoats. She was modest and therefore interesting. Backless and low v-necks, and midriffs surrounded her.

They danced. Both attractive and supple. He was tall with a black goatee and shoulder length hair. He wore round framed glasses and all black. His pants were reminiscent of MC Hammer. She had dark, thick, straight hair down to below her mid back. Her body was completely covered except for her elegant forearms. A black floor length skirt and a red ¾ length sleeve blouse draped over her small frame. They danced close. I was amazed at their ability to dance and kiss at the same time. Their bodies not touching, only their lips. Her hands holding his face, his hands on top of hers.

I watched them for a while. Staring, silently, convinced I was witnessing the very moments they were falling in love. Terrified if I looked away, I would miss something illusive. He could feel eyes on them. He took his top hat from his head and placed it in front of their faces, in one swift motion. Their lips gently touching behind their black felt curtain. He did it as a way to be romantic, but it lent to their privacy and their impatience. He was a romantic and she was perfection. That’s all they had to know for now.

I looked away. They continued falling.


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