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“He believes he can swallow up the world and people are scared of it.” Talking about an Irish fighter with a big ego. They packed getting ready to leave a house that reminds Kevin of Hogwarts. In the suburbs of Grand Rapids Michigan. They listened to an Irish fighter called Conor Mcgregor as he spews his confidence in the form of statements and insults. He inspires and causes jaws to cringe as he allows his ego to ooze from his pores as others try to stay humble and subdued. Kevin comments on his ability to win unlikely fights simply because he believes completely, without any doubt in his mind, that he can and that he will.

The night before, as they drove towards St Louis, Michigan when they were trying to get to St Louis, Missouri, Taylor told Kevin about a movie she had just seen. Her words came out faster than she could think, the way they do when she is zealous about something, which is often. She spoke about the two characters who were excited about the moment that people would realize they were brilliant. Kevin simply said, “Well that sounds familiar.” They both laughed.

Her name was Taylor and his was Kevin. They had two names that were not extraordinary. However, they were two people who thought of themselves as such. Extraordinary as in two people who believed they would do something big in life.

I think everybody probably feels extraordinary in their own way. At least I hope they do. Because, when you think about it, we all have such a large capacity to believe in possibility.

He was composed most of the time. Spicy Thai food broke this composure as he became sweaty and vulnerable, but she did not find anything else that cracked his sturdy portrait of himself he wanted others to see. She was the opposite of composed allowing her flaws to define her. Kevin once asked Taylor why she didn’t fix those flaws rather than allowing them to portray who she is. She had never thought about it that way. She felt that she was strong for allowing those flaws to exist. Or quirky for pointing them out.

These two extraordinary people went on a road trip together. It was one filled with magic as two souls fighting to keep their possibilities came together under the roof of one car named Garret.

The nature of their friendship was not romantic. They were intimate in their discussions, but the intimacy remained on the other side of attraction.

I feel the need to explain this because their romance was an assumption made often. Two people of similar age and opposite sex traveling together across the country seems to allow people to create stories of intimacy and attraction and love.

He drove while she wrote or looked out the window at the passing blurs of trees and blue signs or talked to him about things. There were moments when he didn’t respond to the things she said. She understood. They were not important but ways to fill a silence interrupted by engine noises.

While she drove he napped or entertained her with anecdotes and accents. They were an unlikely duo. Opposite in every way other than their anticipation for people to realize their vastness.

Leaving Hogwarts they felt their time coming to a close. They would be at their destination in the next few days. And as they felt their end looming in a cocoon safe from time and stress, they looked back on their trip and they were so pleased with what they saw…

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