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Hello Again. I’ve Missed You.

Blogging has not been my top priority lately.  It is funny the way things change when you start graduate school.  I have found myself amidst the chaos of an MFA program, and, while I write regularly, this blog has taken a back seat.

I put my wordpress site on private and I deactivated my Facebook account.  It felt so good and healthy and distant from a world of people I sometimes simply don’t understand.  I thought distance is the key.  I don’t need to be attached to news feeds and followers and likes in order to be a good writer.  Right?

Well, I have tried this strategy for one whole semester.  That is 4 months. And it did feel good.  I was happy without social media in my life.  And then people started telling me, if I ever wanted to get work as a writer, social media will always be my friend.  They told me that branding myself is the best thing I can do for myself.

As an Aries and therefore a doer, I have created my own website.  On this website, is a blog.  And so if you have enjoyed Simmons View, then you can now find me here   I have given in to the world of branding millennials and find it kind of addicting.  Here goes nothing into a whole new world of taking myself more seriously as a writer and doing shit about it.

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