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Small Talk

I flipped through “The Travel Book.” Beautiful pictures of elegant places and stunning people filled the pages. The people were mostly children, caught with some variety of intense emotion in […]
Small Talk

a Portland Night

I sat in the Taco Company. At least I think that’s what it’s called. It may be Taco Factory. We weren’t eating tacos at all. I was sipping on a […]

3 different conversations

“Bubba I love you so much!” I say to the young woman sitting in the driver’s seat. “Aw Bub. I love you too.” “Bubba you know those moments when you […]

A man with a Classic Look

“Welcome to Earth”  the sidewalk greeted me.  It was written with green and blue chalk, imitating the hues of the world from far away. The world from a perspective of […]

two stories

He said, “tell me a story.” I told him, “I’m a shitty story teller.” “You’re a liar. You write well. What’s the difference?” There was a silence. I knew It […]

The Joy of Writing

She sits in her car belting out the words to one of the ten songs they play on the radio.  She likes the repetition in some ways.  She learns the […]